About Threadinburgh

All of the posts on this blog started life as threads on my Twitter account; @Cocteautriplets.

Oh dear, it's me! I feel compelled to pull a silly face for selfies...
Oh dear, it’s me! I feel compelled to pull a silly face for selfies…

I have been being writing these since at least 2018 but only started to add them to this site in August 2022. For this reason, each thread will start with the date of the original tweet and a link to it. I will continue to write these threads on my Twitter account, and move them here so they can be tagged, archived and explored better.

My threads generally cover historical topics associated with Edinburgh and Leith, hence “Threadinburgh”. Some of these threads wrote themselves on-the-fly so to speak, stimulated by something like another tweet or an email in my mailbox or something I came across when I was out and about or reading a book. I start tweeting about them and see where that takes me. Others are much more planned and meticulously researched. You can read things in these threads that you won’t find anywhere else.

Some of these are long and some are short. Some are serious and some are silly. But they all have one thing in common, the try to weave together the more interesting, unusual or unbelievable facts about the subjects that interest me in an engaging and informative way. I like to cover the stories, or the bits of them, that are less well known or just plain forgotten.

These threads make much use of my own books, online antiquarian resources; public image archives; and also original research of newspaper archives and the public genealogical records at Scotland’s People. All of this is both time-consuming and has its running costs. If you like what you have read and are so inclined, why not use my Ko-fi button to contribute a little towards these subscription and search costs.