The thread about MD2020; or how the Young Teams don’t realise it’s not called “Mad Dog” and they’re actually drinking a relative of Kosher Wine

Things I learned today.The MD in the name of the refreshing beverage popular in the central belt of Scotland does not stand for Mad Dog at all. MD in fact stands for Mogen David, which is a Yiddish phrase which refers to the Star of David . Mogen David, or MD, are a Kosher winery based in New York and are the 2nd biggest seller of scramental wine in the United States.

Image Courtesy Glenburn Young Team.

The Mogen David company was formed in California by Max Cohen and Henry Markus towards the end of prohibition to produce medicinal and sacramental wines. They soon expanded into mass production of “concord” wines, produced with grape juice concentrate shipped in from eastern states. In 1968, MD broke away from convention and launched MD20:20. The 20:20 bit refers to a 20 ounce bottle and 20% strength. These bright, artificially coloured and flavoured fruit”wines” were aimed at younger drinkers, especially college students.

Such was the success of MD, it was bought and owned by Coca Cola from 1970 to 1981. It is now part of The Wine Group, the world’s 2nd largest wine producer. In the United States, MD is certified Kosher by the “Triangle K” Kosher certification agency.

So that’s it. A very short and succinct thread. But I bet you never knew MD2020 was American. Or Kosher. Or that the MD bit has nothing to do with the phrase “Mad Dog”.

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